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Helpful Tips

Helpful Tips

Featured Helpful Appliance Tip
We often get calls on Dryers that have long dry times, This problem is often caused by the Dryer venting being clogged with lint. Check out your Dryer venting before you call for service on this type of problem. If you cannot clean it yourself we do offer this service. Dirty Dryer vents are also FIRE HAZARDS and can increase your ENERGY BILL!

Featured Helpful HVAC Tip
Change your Filters every 30 DAYS! To help keep your Systems operating at peak efficiencies, Dirty Filters can cause freeze ups and cause excessive ENERGY USAGE! Also consider A Spring and/or Fall TUNE UP!

Featured Helpful Washer Tip

Do not overload machine

Make sure washer is level

Featured Helpful Refrigerator Tips

Always clean condenser coils on refrigerator to ensure cooling and longevity of appliance

If your freezer seems to warm , could be just a defective defrost thermostat which is a simple cost effective repair



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